Our Reviews

We take pride in making sure our patients are fully satisfied with the services we provide. Below are a few of our testimonials from our patients.

I have gone in for an annual exam, contact fitting and follow-up with Joanne Gronquist in the last two months and I have to say that I am very impressed with her warmth, patience, and expertise.

When she doesn't immediately have an answer for me, she works hard to find it and follow up with more details, and she was incredibly patient and helpful with a first-time contact user in getting me comfortable with the process and the right-fitting contacts.

She and her staff are also more than happy to provide you a prescription that you can fill in-office or take elsewhere - I never felt like she was trying to upsell me on anything. I am so happy to have finally found an OD in Santa Barbara who doesn't make me feel like I'm buying a used car every time I go in for a yearly visit!

Her staff is also extremely communicative and helpful in scheduling, and I appreciate that they send reminder emails and texts prior to each visit.

Megan T.

Very detailed, thorough, and nice. She rocks!

David M.

I have only ever gone to my hometown optometrist but my contact prescription was expired so I decided to go to them instead of my place back home. Literally such an incredible experience with this office!! Such caring and kind staff. Responded to my voicemail within an hour and scheduled me the next day! I placed an order for my contacts and literally got them in 2 days!! HIGHLY recommend and hope that the SB community takes advantage of their outstanding service!!

Kelly G.

I came here after my insurance changed and I could no longer use it at my former eye doctor's office in Goleta.

I was pleasantly surprised from my first call to book my appointment until my final interaction when I left my last check-up. Everyone was very polite, professional, and not rushed. This was the first time that an employee explained my insurance benefits to me without me having to ask. Multiple people explained them to me very nicely.

Dr. Tem did the most thorough analysis of my eyes I've had and explained my options for contact lenses clearly. He gave me two different types to test for the week.

After dilation I was given a pair of disposable shades to wear on the way out.

When I came back and finalized my decision for a contact lenses eight he doctor, Jennifer helped me out at the front desk. She placed my order for my lenses at a great price, which were shipped to my house. She also gave me an extra set for the meantime in case. She was very helpful and thorough herself.

Ashley E.

I was so impressed with the opticians at this office, Rochelle and Don. I had put off getting new glasses for over 10 years because I always spent too much money and still didn't end up with a flattering frame. Rochelle steered me right to frames I could afford, and she patiently and expertly helped me pick frames that were right for me. When the frames arrived, Don fit me in at the last minute and made sure that I was comfortable with the progressive lens, which were new to me. Such an easy, positive experience!

Kim A.

This is the Best Eye Doctor I have ever been to!!!! Dr, Joanne was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her caring and bedside manner really made me feel at home and comfortable! I had a terrible experience with a previous doctor and she did the opposite, she was caring, considerate, informative and knowledgeable! This is something that is missing in some doctors and she made up for it as well as her caring staff!!!! Thank you Dr. Joanne and Staff! I look forward to my next visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)

Renee V.

Dr. Joanne Gronquist is very knowledgeable, cheerful and patient. She explained everything about my eye assessment, additional context, technology being used, in great details.

Would totally recommend her to anyone looking to find a go to opthalmologist or looking for a change from their current one.

Collection of frames isn't too diverse. Though they provide options of prescription glasses in your favorite pair of sunglasses (many optometrists don't provide that option).​​​​​​​

Praveen J.

I can highly recommend both Dr Tem and Dr Joanne Gronquist as my family has seen both of them. They run a high quality practice with friendly staff. They both take their time to ask and answer many questions in order to give you the best vision possible for your eyes and lifestyle.

Kristi P.

I came away from my appointment delighted and relieved that I had received the care I had been searching for. The excellent service and wonderful team were busy but ready to help. Dr. Gronquist is very knowledgeable and listened to my needs and was able to fit me with glasses that would allow me to read and see distance. Bifocals hadn't worked for me so this alternative was a godsend. The office is attractive, in a lovely location, and well organized. Hector explained the costs very thoroughly and patiently, which again, I appreciated. I know I am getting excellent eye care and feel like I've found the right place for myself and a good recommendation for my friends.​​​​​​​

Kamie M.

Doctors Joanne and Tem are absolutely GREAT!

I've been seeing them for almost 5 years now and I'm always happy. They are very caring doctors and really take pride in quality service. They have a great staff who are always polite and attentive to your needs.

Most recently I had laser eye surgery, something I was very nervous about. Doctor Tem and Joanne really made this experience a great one. They recommended a world class doctor (Dr. Dougherty) who has an amazing clinic. The entire experience was absolutely amazing because I was able to use Doctors Tem and Joanne for my pre-opt and post opt appointments.

I fully recommend Doctors Tem and Joanne to anyone looking for great eye doctors.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Michael K.

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